Blood Rights

Greed, rage, envy . . . and murder.

DCI Jack Le Claire is investigating the death of a high-profile resident on the Island of Jersey. But the killing has only just begun.

Kurt Englebrook has it all. He’s a hedge fund tycoon with a gorgeous younger wife, two grown sons and a loyal team around him. But Kurt has a secret; somebody knows what it is and is determined to make him suffer. Meanwhile, an argument rages over an ancient right-of-way and a historic tower.


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Kurt’s sister-in-law, Chloe Marsden, is grateful to inhabit his world of privilege and plenty. But what Chloe cares most about can’t be bought.

They’ve killed once and crossed a line. Now there’s no going back.

A brutal death reveals the widening cracks that threaten to break apart the Englebrooks and those connected to them.

A killer is on the rampage, but what do they want?

As the deaths mount up, Le Claire must trap a vicious killer, although he has numerous suspects and very few leads.

He is distracted as a looming shadow from his past threatens his future and that of his family.

A suspenseful mix of lies, desires and murder set in the seemingly idyllic Channel Island of Jersey

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