The rise of the e-reader

Are you a believer?

I own a kindle. I have downloaded the kindle app. I have thousands of e-books. But it wasn’t always that way.

Christmas 2011. My husband asked if I wanted a kindle as a Christmas present. I said no thank you. I like real books, paper books, books I can hold in my and turn real pages.

I opened my Christmas presents, Yep, he got me a kindle. I smiled. Inside I mumbled and moaned. I didn’t want a kindle, thank you very much!

On the Boxing Day I thought I better have a look at the kindle, especially as my husband kept asking when I was going to set it up. I snuggled on the sofa, and in I went.

Five hours later my husband was asking if we’d be spending any time together in the future. Hmmm, don’t know about that. In my hands was  a beauty of a device, a slim piece of tech that could hold thousands of books, it was also a portal to the worlds largest online bookstore. I was in heaven. Start a new series, and finish Book 1 at 9pm? Don’t fret, just download the next one, and then the next.

I was converted from that day on. I love my kindle. Sometimes other people know you better than you know yourself!


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