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Often writing is a secretive process, we scribble our thoughts, ideas and outlines in notebooks and on our laptops - but don't tend to share them at that point. That is not a problem - it is simply writing with the door closed. Those aren't my words but belong to the master - Stephen King. His full quote is "Write with the door closed, re-write with the door open." I have read Stephen King's "On Writing" more times than I can remember. It is a fabulous book on the craft of writing and what made Stephen King the author he is today.


When we write that first draft it is just for us - an out pouring of thoughts and ideas that may not yet have form and sense.  Don't worry - as that comes later when you invite editors and beta-readers into the room with you. How then, in this solitary endeavour, do we get help and navigate our way through the maze of creative writing to produce something that is worthy of being called a novel?

I have found tremendous help on the internet, through the generosity of some very talented professionals who willingly share their experiences and answers to the numerous questions that the newbie author and indie publisher has.


I hope you find my comments to be useful and good luck in your writing experience.