Maybe  you've been writing for a while and have notebooks and scraps of paper filled with setting, character and story ideas. Perhaps you have just that one idea and it won't leave your head. It doesn't matter-for what you have done is make a decision that you will start, finish and publish your novel. You need to keep that objective in mind all the time; the road to finishing a book is a long one and the path is strewn with those who didn't want to do this badly enough, those who like the idea but turn away from the task when they realise the enormity of the commitment.


A commitment of time, energy, making sacrifices and spending some money to produce a professional product.


The first, and best, tip I can give you is to buy and use Scrivener for your writing projects. There are versions for word and mac and you will adore it.


Scrivener is a powerful writing tool that helps you organise and manage your project from one screen. There is a binder that allows you to structure your text into chapters and scenes and easily move between them. There is a research area, outside the main manuscript, which can be used for outlines, to store information and data in text, image and web-link form. It costs virtually nothing-less than USD50.00 and comes with a  great tutorial to get you started. Have a look for yourself at

I can say, without a shadow of doubt, that I would never have finished my first novel working in word alone.